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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What will you do for fresh water?

Answer: We have a watermaker onboard which will take in sea water and make fresh water at a rate of approximately 17 gallons per hour. We have the capacity to carry 300 gallons of fresh water.

Question: What will you do about pirates? What if you are boarded/attacked?

Answer: Hopefully we will avoid them by not sailing in known at-risk areas. We will attempt to sail in groups whenever prudent and possible to do so - as they say, there is safety in numbers. If, however, we are boarded we hope that the assailants will be looking for cigarettes, booze and jewelry, as we have heard is typical. We probably won't have much of any of these - neither of us smokes, and we will not be carrying loads of booze - Barbara doesn't drink. We certainly will not be carrying any expensive jewelry, and they can have the cheap stuff! If they are after more than that we will just have to rely on God to get us through with minimal damage.

Question: How will I be able to contact you?

Answer: Click on the "Hailing Destiny" button to the left. You will find that we are accessible via email, phone (if we are on-line), and via regular mail. A note to those sending us emails...please do not send us forwarded messages/jokes, links to video downloads and similar media, or respond to us via "reply to". Many times we will not have access to regular means of connectivity; hence we will be limited to a certain # of transmitted characters, and attachments cannot be relayed when we are using alternate means of transmission.

Question: How will we know where you are?

Answer: We will be posting our position on the website in two ways; generally on the home page we will write an update, or you can get the exact location by clicking on the "Where Are We" button to the left. As long as we have a link we will keep you updated.

Question: How long will you be gone? Will you be back in a year? Two?

Answer: We will be gone as long as it takes. To do what, you ask? As long as our hearts and bodies can endure this new life. Destiny is essentially our retirement home. Think of it as a big RV on the water. We want to sail around the world - or at least get to most of it. So there is no real answer relative to a timeline.

Question: What is your initial route, or plan for the first year?

Answer: We will first head south, down the Baja to Cabo San Lucas, then continue down the west coast of Mexico to around Ixtapa. Ideally that will be the "jumping off" place for us to turn West to the Marquesas and then on to Tahiti for the summer months until their hurricane season begins. Nothing is carved in stone, however, and we will just see what happens as our journey unfolds.

Question: Will you come back to visit?

Answer: Absolutely! It is our plan to get back and to visit family and friends in Colorado, Texas and Virginia once per year. In 2008, we would like to be home for the Holidays, and and then head back out by the end of January or mid-February of 2009.

Question: When you decide to return where will you live?

Answer: We have no answer to that.

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